Managing Partner


Having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and career consisting of a wide-ranging engineering background, Zakary has always had an inbred love for spaces. Upon graduating from University, Zakary started off his career in opening a boutique design business in Byblos, Lebanon for a year until deciding to move to Doha, Qatar to accomplish his dreams of grasping into a larger and international market. Upon being employed in the construction field and being promoted year by year, Zakary had gained a lot of extensive experience and contacts in the field. In 2019, Zakary had launched an ongoing luxury high end watch shopping platform in Doha which in turn led him to having a widespread elite client and supplier contact database.

It is of no doubt that Zakary had to stay true to his passion in life which is why he established Penthouse Eleven, providing all sorts of design and real estate services. His utmost focus is to progress and generate deals in the property sector; focusing on residential and commercial projects alike. Having travelled to many countries and seeing different cultures, Zakary believes that every space should greatly reflect the persona of the inhabitant or property owner which is what he names his first and foremost goal to be during the journey with his clients.

Property Manager


Nour is an energetic entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience in the marketing and events field.  This has led him to be full of creativity, innovative ideas and a team leader. He holds a BA in Business Management from Beirut, Lebanon and is a valid member of the project management institution in Pennsylvania, United States, holding the PMP certificate.

  • With extensive experience in strategic planning and business management, Nour ensures that project alignment with both short and long term objectives is no challenge. He has a love for making sure everything is in order and follows suit.

Managing Partner


Having lived between the UK, Cyprus and Lebanon, Stephanie brings to the table a widespread cultural design background. She has been involved in the design industry since graduating from University with a Bachelors of Interior Design having experience in high end residential and commercial projects.

Stephanie has been passionate about luxury living ever since she could remember, so in turn she had established a preowned luxury consignment business in Doha, Qatar. She believes that her experience has given her an upper hand when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. She is also used to managing large teams of people, organizing departments and marketing the business. Stephanie has a great passion for ‘staging homes’ as accessorizing is her game.



Joe is a man of many talents. First and foremost, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s degree in Construction Management. With a thorough background in structures, Joe assesses the state of different properties and can identify many of the technical issues relating to the project; as a result, provides clients guidance and assistance through the process of buying, selling or leasing properties. Secondly, he is known to be a meticulous worker, where he will spend hours to ensure that everything he presents is up to par. Joe is also known to be a charmer and will throw in a joke or two when and where he sees fit!



A youthful soul with a heart full of passion is the best way to describe Miriam, our interior designer who graduated with a bachelor degree from the Lebanese American University. As a designer, Miriam follows the methodology of creating story telling spaces that express the people who inhabit them. With a great eye for detail and a strong understanding of how various elements of design from the architecture of a space to the furniture, color palette, materials and finishes, play a huge role, hand in hand to implement the character of the space. In her years of experience, Miriam has had the opportunity of working in commercial spaces such as the 2022 world cup building in Qatar and various other private projects. Miriam is widely known for her assertive mind and ability to provide smart solutions for any obstacle that crosses her path.